Meet the Instructors-George Weers


George Weers

·       George Weers has been practicing Judo for over 50 years. George has trained at the National Judo Institute, US Olympic Training Center, National Judo Center of Thailand, National Judo Center of Russia and countless dojos around the US. For 45 years George has attended, staffed and directed camps and clinics around the country.

·       During his 50+ years of Judo Mr. Weers has developed, nearly forty (40) players from beginner to Black Belt rank. Working from a dojo located in a village of 250 people, seven (7) of those black belts have earned positions on the Senior Elite Roster. Three of those players have earned medals at the Senior National Championships. Two of the players have captured international medals.

·       George served on the USJA Board of Directors for 10 years, had eighteen (18) research projects published by the International Judo Federation. One of the research projects, ‘Movement Patterns of Judo Competition’ has been replicated in Europe and cited in ‘Advances in Judo Biomechanics Research’.

·       The body of the, above sited, research was also used in developing the United States Army hand to Hand Combat Program.

·       Mr. Weers also created the first Coaching Manuals in the US, written ‘The Fundamental Skills of Judo’, © 2003 and has produced seven (7), Judo related, DVDs.

·       Mr. Weers will be conducting a course in Coaching Concepts which will help participants, more clearly, understand the objectives and develop in their chosen discipline.



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