Meet the Instructors: Steve Jimerfield



Retired from the Alaska State Troopers in June of 1997. Over twenty years experience in training law enforcement personnel in defensive/control tactics. Experience in training principles and methods of curriculum development.

Jimerfield Sensei now acts in the capacity of Traveling Trainer for the Alaska Police Standards Council, and is the Instructor/Trainer of One-On-One Control Tactics which he developed for Law Enforcement personnel.

Optional:  One-On-One Control Tactics is an integrated control system Jimerfield designed for the Alaska State Trooper Academy. Officers in the State of Alaska must often work alone, without back up, and must be able to control violent people. The One-On-One Control Tactics system was developed out of Jimerfield Sensei’s training in judo, jujitsu and karate. He took the best from each and developed a system that works on the street for a police officer. The techniques taught have been used on the street by hundreds of police officers within the State of Alaska and around the world. Jimerfield Sensei has kept track of the use of the techniques through use of force reports and through contact with officers. These techniques have an emphasis on ground control and will give officers confidence in hand to hand confrontations both standing and on the ground.


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