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    USMAA/WWMAA Members!

    We are excited to announce that we have now launched our beta of our online martial artist database:

    WWMAA Online Database

    As a result, there are several important things to note:

    1. There are two separate logins for these two systems.
    a. One is an account and login for this website (some of you have used Facebook to log in). This account allows you to participate in our online community, participate in groups, and connect with ”friends”.
    b. The second is now your official martial arts profile in the database. You might already have a listing in the database if you are a USMAA life member.

    2. We have removed the ”rank” field from the community profile on the website. All rank information is now held in the official database.

    4. This Martial Arts Clubs Directory on the website is a service for Martial Arts Clubs, Dojos, and Organizations provided by the WWMAA, and is community moderated. Our official listing of certified and affiliated clubs is in our database.

    5. If you see you have a listing in the database, please contact me at (or through this site) so I can send you a password so you can access it.

    6. If you are not yet a life member of USMAA/WWMAA, please consider joining us!

    WWMAA Online Database

    7. If you have any feedback for our project as we move forward, please don’t hesitate to pass it on:

    Thanks for your continued support of USMAA/WWMAA!

    Barrie North
    Web Admin


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