• Barry Southam posted an update in the group Group logo of JudoJudo 4 years, 1 month ago

    Hello, I teach Judo as a traditional martial art with the sporting aspect of little interest if at all. I feel in the USA the martial art of Judo has been neglected in favor of pushing Judo as an Olympic sport. The Judo community is not reaching all that may have an interest in Judo as a martial art/effective means of self defense in favor of sporting judoka. I fully understand the benefits of making something a sport with young people but those of us who train and teach Judo as a martial art are forgotten. Sensei need to tell new students how they teach or what they offer. Meaning explaining they concentrate on sport Judo only, Judo as a martial art or both .We need sensei to keep the martial art aspect alive and well in the USA. I have no problem if at my small dojo a student wants to enter a shiai and I try and help them find one. But they know my interest is Judo as a martial art.


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