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    We teach Sombo at our club it has similar qualities that Judo holds as well. It has been a difficult to promote Sombo in this country since it falls under a form of Wrestling. So if the four international styles of wrestling Freestyle, Greco Roman, Judo and Sombo are recognized. How does Judo stand alone in the mix with several organizations running Judo as organizational bodies. USA Judo, TKJ, IJF, USJJF to name a few. Sombo has lost its legs in the country for several different reasons. Who is part of the old school Judo clubs that could tell me more of about how Sombo ran its course in the states. More old timers had a go at Sombo because most were Judoka that cross trained in the 1970’s and 80’s. What proof is out there does anyone have any old flyers, documents, pictures, oral history to share?


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