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    Hello Sk Saju what arts do you practice? At 76 I do a form of Aikido that also includes Uechi Ryu, primarily the three katas of Pangainoon, San Chin, Sanseiryu and some Seisan. I also do Naturopathic Medicine, Vitalism and Herbalism.

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    The video presentation on Aikido is excellent. Many of us have come to Aikido after studying other arts. My first art was Uechi-Ryu and having practiced it for so long (since 1962) it has become a permanent part of my muscle memory which then comes out in my practice of Aikido. It is why also I have included in our training the katas, mostly…[Read more]

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    At 76 (well almost, it is not quite December 5th) I am still teaching Aikido and some Uechi Ryu (Pangainoon). How time flies when some of my fellow Airman and I worked out in Minot AFB North Dakota 1962. My student Sean Chalfante now has his own class and is teaching as well. Still doing naturopathic medicine with herbs to promote Vitalism and…[Read more]

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    Received two books from Walther G. Non Krenner, Atemi and Aikido Ground Fighting. For those of you who do not know Walther he was with us in the earlier days and influential in promoting Aikido with his teaching. He was quite possibly the most knowledgeable and experienced practitioner we had teach at our summer camps. Check out his books, you…[Read more]

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    For those of you who wish to start an Aikido program at your dojo and need a Ku ranking system, please e-mail me or contact me on Facebook. The one we use is that of the United States Aikido Association. With this as a basis I would suggest that you provide additional techniques that you feel would be useful for your students to learn. You…[Read more]

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    Excellent video post on Aikido. It is why we incorporate other disciplines in our Aikido program so that students become more fully able to defend themselves in the real world while also enjoying the discipline of Aikido. For an example of this one may read the book Complete Aikido by Roy Suenaka and review his treatment of Shihonage. Many…[Read more]

  • My student Sean Chalfante is now teaching Aikido, with a Uechi Ryu (Pangainoon) included at Pro Care located in Bedford, PA. He started students on flow drills from wrist grab, shoulder grab and choke, This is a good way to start new students, instead of going direct to ku forms. We also add the katas San Chin and Seisan when the attacker is…[Read more]

  • If you wish I can list the ku forms we use ( from The United States Aikido Association) and different sources for Aikido for those clubs that would like to add Aikido to their club teaching.

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  • This is probably the best way to handle a difficult situation since the old listing was a blend of USJA and USMA. Hopefully those who are still active and interested in USMA will find this site and register.