• John Herr posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    The video presentation on Aikido is excellent. Many of us have come to Aikido after studying other arts. My first art was Uechi-Ryu and having practiced it for so long (since 1962) it has become a permanent part of my muscle memory which then comes out in my practice of Aikido. It is why also I have included in our training the katas, mostly the first two of Pangai-noon . In Okinawa it is said that one does not know karate unless one knows San Chin, so I feel that each student should at least have an opportunity to learn this kata and kata is something that can be done without a partner. One can also benefit from the jo kata of Aikido which can also be practiced without a partner. But it all gets down to practice, practice, practice. For those of us growing older (I guess 76 qualifies) learning to fall instinctively protects us from allot of injury. Since I just fell on the ice a week ago I would agree. The only thing that was sore afterward was my hand which I used to slap out also. I guess all that judo training helped also.
    Take care, practice, practice, practice and have a good upcoming year.

    • This December I will be 79. I do Chi Gong, the three katas of Pangainoon which was the basis of Uechi Ryu, Naihanchi from Shorin Ryu and Aikido. Why the katas with Aikido? This is to develop muscle memory, in order to achieve this one has to reach 5,000 by seeing it, thinking about it or doing it. While this can be achieved in it is more difficult. This was one of the secrets of O’Sensei’s Porter’s teaching. Practice, practice, practice.

    • Revision: while this can be achieved in Aikido, especially by watching videos it is more difficult.


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