• Shao Wu Hong Tian posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    In 1985 at the age of 11 under the influence of my uncles who where at the time 2nd and 3rd degree black belts in Shoto-kan Karate I began to study the Martial Arts.

    Through 1986-1989 I attended local public youth clubs that taught martial arts after school and during the summers. As well as playing soccer for the YMCA.

    I have worked as a night club security guard at St. Andrews Hall Detroit, Mi for 5 years.

    In 1989-1992 I joined the Irving, Tx Police Explorer Program
    through the Boy Scouts of America.

    Beginning in 1990 I began meeting with local instructors of private schools in Texas, Michigan and California seeking any information on martial arts they could share. At the time there was Kim’s Tae Kwon Do and a few other that taught Tang Soo Do in Dallas, TX. While training at Power-House gym Detroit, Michigan (94-97) I met with a few Capoeria practitioners and boxers for sparring and observation.

    1992-Present while attending trade school I furthered my Martial studies at Perez Golden Dragons. I am still in contact with Sifu Perez who resides in Guthrie Oklahoma.

    For many years up to this day I have practiced and sparred with many martial arts instructors, peers and other martial arts practitioners in competition or out studying the roots, fundamentals and applications of techniques as well as researching the history, science and culture of world wide Martial Arts as well as a few modern fighting arts.

    As of 2011-2014 (currently attending) I have studied Mei Hua Mantis Kung Fu under Shifu Lin. Master Lin and his son Steve Lin are native of China and resides in San Gabriel Valley, California.

    I have studied Chinese History and Language while attending College at Los Angeles City College.

    I have studied Sports Medicine as part of my studies for Nursing Assistance certification while working in nursing homes. Including Kinesiology and Physical Therapy. I was certified in 1993 as CNA in Oklahoma.
    Trainer/Gym Attendant at Ford Wixom

    Since 1994 I have been teaching self defence beginning with a small group of children ages 4-12 and the giving private lessons to working students who had no time to attend class.

    Sudies teach each student
    Martial Arts/self defense
    Martial Science
    Martial Arts History China
    Martial Arts History World Wide
    Introduction and encouragement to studying an Chinese/foreign Language
    Self Awareness
    Mental awareness Public Safety
    Strength Conditioning
    Self Discipline
    Health and Nutrition


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