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    • Hi Took a little time out from the arts so I am doing some catching up. Last time I interacted with USMA was when Phil died. A great loss. At that time, there were a huge number of clubs and members with USMA. When I looked yesterday, there were just 3 clubs listed. To begin with, what happen to the other clubs and second, what happened to the other members? I paid for a Lifetime membership but do not see myself or my club listed. The same for all the other people I signed up with USMA. Could someone enlighten me?

    • Hi Kenneth and Billy,
      You are both spot on, we are hard at work on phase 2 of the new site which will be all the information about member ranks, promotions, certificates etc. A full and interactive member/club database. The transition after O’Sensi passed lead to quite a few gaps in the records.

      Please be patient, and get involved in the community features we have currently!


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