Message from the Karate Division Director

The Karate Division requests all USMA Members ranked in a Karate or Karate-Do Martial Arts Style to send an e-mail with your current Rank, Style, and Sensei to the Director of Karate by clicking here: If you have your membership number available please include it in your message. If you are currently without a Sensei please indicate that also.

The Karate Division is updating the division records. We are developing plans and committees to enhance services to all members that practice a style of Karate or Karate Do. Please support the boards and committees so we can provide the services you deserve.

The Karate committees are comprised of volunteer senior karateka working hard to ensure we provide superior training camps, fair ranking standards, and the best leadership available to all karateka.

Please send your current information right now, it only takes a moment!!

Ron Treem, Director
Karate Division
United States Martial Arts Association


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