New Boards and Directors

Message from the Executive Director

The reorganization of the association requires dedication and effort. The board members are a limited group of dedicated martial artists who are serving the membership. Please view the New Organization Chart below if you have an interest in service. Anyone that is willing to volunteer to serve on a board should contact the Executive Director at Please identify which board you are willing to serve on and a summary of your related experience.

Board of Governors

Along with the restructuring, the Board of Governors has accepted the resignations from the previous Board of Governors and the new Board of Governors currently consists of:

  • Michael Makoid, President
  • Steven Jimerfield, Vice President
  • Ronald Treem Secretary / Treasurer

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged by the Board of Governors development of the USMA within their sphere of influence. The Board of Directors is advisory to the Board of Governors and is expected to be a major guiding force of the association.

Additional members of Board of Directors will be sought. Current professional martial artists who are members of the association may nominate themselves or others to the Board of Directors. Board members will be expected to carry out concrete, designated tasks for the well-being of the Association as well as recommend innovative ideas and plans for the overall good of the association.

The Board member’s only requirement is her/his willingness to accept responsibility and to carry out that responsibility to the best of his/her ability as well as to the satisfaction of the Board of Governors. They will be expected to report on their progress in the carrying out of that task quarterly and in person at the yearly association meeting at the annual Summer Camp. In my view, the people who work hard for the association should have a voice. Only those people will be entrusted with the responsibility of leadership.

  1. Clay Brasuell 6 years ago

    I would like to become involved with the assoc, If I can be of any help please e-mail me.
    Clay Brasuell

  2. Ron Treem 6 years ago

    Glad to be on the Board of Governors with the high quality fellow Board members

  3. Tom Peru 4 years ago

    Greetings from Colorado Springs. I worked extensively with Phil Porter and his National Judo Institute for several years; 1987 through early 90’s. I operate a video production business and helped Phil produce videos for development and recruiting. I have several complete video masters featuring coach Porter, including; 65 Throws of Kodokan Volumes 1-4, Counterattacks Volumes 1-5, USOC meets and cross-training, Interviews including Yoichiro Matsumura and others. I’m writing to find out if you or another organization may have interest in archiving these valuable resources. The videos are on various different media formats: 3/4″, Betacam SP, SVHS, VHS and so forth. Thanks for your reply.

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