Rank Registration Update

We are working to find the best way to list our member rank registrations and consequently, have had to turn of a few options until that is resolved. You will receive a follow-up email when we have this issue resolved so that you can continue on to adding your ranks to your profile.

USMAA and our web design team appreciate your patience!

Louise Herschel
Executive Director

  1. Robert Goss 8 years ago

    Very cool website. Looking forward to viewing all information on it of upcoming events

  2. John Herr ND BCND 8 years ago

    This is probably the best way to handle a difficult situation since the old listing was a blend of USJA and USMA. Hopefully those who are still active and interested in USMA will find this site and register. Sorry I cannot make summer camp in St. Louis. This is the time we have our annual reunion at our farm in PA. Will their be a camp here in the East? At 75 still doing Aikido every week. Liked the presentation on Aikido. For some of us we are a blend of different arts- for me it is Uechi Ryu and Aikido with a little Judo and some JuJitsu. But at 75 I am getting more relaxed in my technique. Practice, practice, practice. We never stop learning. Sometimes we even learn from our students!

    THANKS FOR ALL THE WORK YOU DO, GRADUALLY IT WILL GROW. If you provide me a listing perhaps I can begin to visit member clubs. I think this is the best way to continue to do what O’Sensei Porter was best at.

  3. Barrie North 8 years ago

    Thanks for the comment John. Our new system is is just over a week away. You’ll be able to easily browse all affiliated clubs, members and their teachers.

  4. Andre Murray 7 years ago

    I have been a member since March 27, 2004, my life member is 5666, I did my testing on that date also but have not seen it published for a while now, nor have my school / dojo .Please I look forward for a speedy reply for I have spreading the word of this association over the years and only to see i am not on the radar.

    • Barrie North 7 years ago

      We are currently working on a new database system. Keep checking the site for updates!

  5. Wayne Walcak 7 years ago

    When is the 2017 camp/clinic being held? Looks like I missed this years camp!

    • Author
      Louise Herschel 7 years ago

      Sorry that we missed you! The dates for next year are being ironed out in the next month or so but it will more than likely be right around the same weekend in July. Very soon, newsletters/updates will be going out to members directly as we finalize our database of members.

  6. SiFu Jose Penaloza 7 years ago

    My greetings and respects for the WWMAA President GM M. Makod, the Board of Directors, and the Members of this prestigious martial arts organization. I’m a member from January 2000 and as Develop Director from South America is an honor to represent WWMAA (USMAA). We are a big family and together we will mark the difference in the martial arts worldwide. Hand Salute! Oss!

  7. Best wishes for a safe and successful new year. SGM H.G. Robby Robinson, Pensacola, FL, USA

  8. SCOTT HOWARD 6 years ago

    In the past, I was able to get rank certificates for my students. Am I still able to do that?

  9. Randall Harris 2 years ago

    Is there a way to register my students Through WWMAA?

  10. Author
    Louise 2 years ago

    Definitely! One would do this through the database. I will send directions to help. There is a document on the website as well.

  11. Vanessa Silva 1 year ago

    Not certain if my emails are going through re: membership/rank reg. Is there an updated email to reach out to? Thanks so much!

    • Author
      Louise 1 year ago

      I’ll check for your emails. Our email system switched platforms and it’s been rough!

      • Vanessa Silva 1 year ago

        Thank you so much and sorry to hear! I know how rough that can be. Please let me know if I can help!

  12. Robert Knott 7 months ago

    Hello. I have tried emailing but seem to get no response. I am attempting to update my information with the website and communicate with someone in charge of karate evaluations and promotions. I am a Regular Life Member and my last promotion was from this organization in 2009.

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