Special offers for Summer Training Camp-Hot off the press!

From Sensei Michael Makoid on our summer camp! Tons of specials and deals!

Visit the USMAA Summer Camp 2016 Facebook page

Everyone must pay regular camp registration fee. To preregister go to:


Full 3 Day Camp: $150 per person
1 Day Camp: $75 per day per person

Camp fee includes Lifetime Membership.

Preregistration must be completed at least two weeks before the beginning of camp to be eligible for the preregistration perks to be picked up at camp:

Every prepaid martial Artist will receive:

  • USMAA triple patch ($15 value)
  • USMAA T-Shirt ($15 value)
    Circle Size and color Size S, M, L, XL, XXL Color Blue Black (availability limited – first come, first served)
  • $10 off on the purchase of a single USMAA Golf Shirts ($35 value)
  • $15 off on the purchase of “Judo from the Beginning” by O-Sensei Porter ($30 value)
  • Personalized USMAA Camp Certificate of Participation in either:
    • All Martial Arts or
    • Taiho Jitsu (Police techniques – Sensei Jimerfield) or
    • Pistol techniques (Sensei (Lightening Larry) Hamby – Subject to minimum participation)
      (Please Specify which desired)

Preregistration is not considered complete until camp fees are paid.

For each five prepaid registrants from her/his school, the teacher will receive:

  • Opportunity to purchase copies of “The 65 Throws of Kodokan Judo” a searchable eight DVD set performed by O-Sensei Porter at the special prices for resale at your home dojo) (Bulk purchase prices $750/10, $1500/25 and $5000/100) and
  • One free registration which can be used for him/herself or as a scholarship for a deserving student ($150 value) or
  • One copy ($150 value) of “The 65 Throws of Kodokan Judo” a searchable eight DVD set performed by O-Sensei Porter or
  • $150 credit toward her/his next promotion or certification cost.

Camp teachers must preregister at least one month in advance or risk not being on the roster.


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