Training in Martial Arts Help Seniors to Develop Greater Balance and Confidence

Milestones, a Philadelphia based seniors publication, featured a story on seniors and martial arts (Feb 2017).  The author, Abbey Porter, interviewed President Michael Makoid.

“…For seniors considering starting a martial
arts practice, Makoid of the World Wide
Martial Arts Association recommends first
consulting with a physician and getting the
OK to exercise. Then, he says, prospective students
should carefully scrutinize any school,
or “dojo,” they are considering – especially
with the current rash of “McDojos” that has
sprung up.
“Do some work to find out the quality of
instruction at the dojo and their affiliation
with national organizations,” he says. For example,
a legitimate judo school should be affiliated
with USA Judo or one of its member
organizations, such as the United States Judo
Federation or the United States Judo Association.
Get on the phone or on the web, he urges,
and look at the school’s credentials, which
may or may not be legitimate. “You just have
to do a little bit of investigative work,” he
says, “to find out how your teacher is qualified,
and from whom.”

Go to the attached link for the full article.


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